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How can I develop a lifelong thirst for a deeper life in Christ?

How can I develop a lifelong thirst for a deeper life in Christ?
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I find that after I hear a stirring message, there's a desperate thirst in me for a deeper life in Christ, but after a few days, that thirst is gone. How can I develop a lifelong thirst?

This is a problem that many people face. Read the Bible every day with an open heart. I’ve been reading the Bible for 62 years. Every day God speaks to me. I don’t read long passages. I’ve read the Bible thoroughly so many times that what I need now is not information, but a challenge. Even at my age and knowing the Lord for 62 years—even after 46 years of being filled with the Holy Spirit—I find there is a need in my heart, and I come to the scripture and ask the Lord to speak to me. The Lord speaks to me something from his word that creates a challenge and shows me another step that I need to climb, another height that I need to reach, another giant in the land of Canaan that needs to be killed which I have not even seen until today. And that keeps me hungering and thirsting after God.

Jesus said that Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from God’s mouth. Not what proceeded 2000 years ago, but proceeds (present tense, present continuous). God is always speaking. In Genesis 1, we read that He spoke on the 1st day, 2nd day, 3rd day, 4th day, 5th day, 6th day. He is speaking continuously even now.

I may not hear it. In Revelation 1, we read that John heard God’s voice like a trumpet. Why can’t I hear it? Hebrews 5 says, "you have become dull of hearing." If you keep sin unconfessed in your life—if there is even one sin that you know that you have not confessed—then you will dry up. If there is one person that you have not forgiven—no matter what harm he did to you, it’s not greater than you killing Jesus on the cross, that is what we did—you have to forgive. Have you asked forgiveness from those you hurt? These are simple things. If you do these, I believe God will keep a fire burning in your heart that is longing for more and more of God. The Lord says forget the past and press on to the future.

That is what I’d say. These simple things you do. Ask God to speak to you every day. Jesus said about Martha, "One thing is needful." (Luke 10:42) This is what I’d say to you: choose what Mary chose. Sit at Jesus’ feet every day. Man shall not live by bread alone—and we eat food everyday—but by every word that proceeds by God’s mouth. This is how we will never slack off and have a continual hunger and thirst for the Lord.

Answered by Zac Poonen